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April 27th, 2009

06:22 pm: Because geeks really rule the world

Everyone, right now... go to, and enter in the old NES Contra cheat code (up up, down down, left right left right, B, A, Enter) using the arrow keys and letters on your keyboard... trust me, its worth it. Be sure and enter it exactly as posted above (up arrow, up arrow, down arrow, down arrow, left arrow, right arrow, left arrow, right arrow, B, A, ENTER) then just keep hitting enter over and over...

08:42 am: free video games
Hey y'all.
I picked up some extra games from work the other day for a friend who I thought might be interested, but he never got back to me. So, now they are taking up precious space on my shelf, and I'm in a spring cleaning mood, and so first to call dibs gets them.

I've got Lord of the Rings: Conquest (built on a similar engine to Star Wars Battlefront, but, you know, in the LotR world instead of in a galaxy far far away), and Battlefield: 2142 Deluxe Edition (standard game and Northern Strike expansion pack). Battlefield is a basic shooter.

Let me know if anyone wants.

February 23rd, 2009

10:16 am: Mark Twain's Mysterious Stranger, the creepy-coolest kids video ever

Found this in a list of the creepiest kids shows ever. Undeniably creepy. Also undeniably awesome.

February 19th, 2009

04:57 pm: Banks charging fees on unemployment benefits
The news that banks such as Bank of America, who have contracted with states to provide unemployment benefits via pre-paid debit cards, are charging customers unreasonable fees for requesting information on using the cards or for using them more than once a day, doesn't surprise me.
I left Bank of America after they talked me into switching to direct deposit "for convenience" during one very busy Friday lunch hour bank run, and then charged me multiple overdraft fees because they weren't running direct deposits until the end of business on Friday, resulting in the checks not clearing until Monday.

Bank of America excels at such sneaky "nickel and dime" tactics.

It's standard business with most banks today (thankfully my current bank, Wells Fargo, explained all their fees straight up the first time I questioned them about an overdraft, which they reversed, and I've had no problems with them since) and a major source of bank revenue.

However in our current economic climate, where an untanticipated $1.50 withdrawal fee could mean the difference between a kid having lunch money or going hungry, it's downright criminal to saddle those struggling to get back on their feet with such random fees and charges.

Keep on charging exorbitant fees on platinum card purchases if you must, but leave our unemployed alone (oh wait... only people who already have money can get platinum cards, and we can't take their money, that wouldn't be fair, nevermind... Keep sticking it to the poor. It's not like they can afford to hire a lawyer to challenge you anyway, right?)

February 17th, 2009

12:22 pm:


February 10th, 2009

03:00 pm: So, Coldplay won a Grammy for Song of the Year

with "Viva la Vida".
According to the Yahoo article the prize "goes to the songwriters, in this case the members of Coldplay."

Ummmmm. Shouldn't that be Joe Satriani?

11:13 am: a bright spot for a cloudy day

February 6th, 2009

01:07 pm: Kersplat

02:50 am: Dan Akroyd's crazy crystal skull UFO consciousness vodka spirits

(I originally posted this over at my Anomaly Magazine blog, but it was just too good not to share here. Just go to the bottom, click the link, and watch the video if nothing else)

Somehow this has flown under my radar for a couple of months, but Dan Akroyd is marketing his own brand of boutique vodka sold in a skull shaped bottle. What does this have to do with anomalous phenomenon you ask?


In his online video explaining the liquor, an oddly sweaty Akroyd almost seems to be parodying himself in some Twilight Zone episode of SNL as he talks about everything from ghosts, UFOs, and the "invisible world", to ectoplasm (a running gag of his Ghost Busters movies) and the latest Indiana Jones movie. That's right. The latest Indie movie and this vodka have something in common other than actors who made their best movies two decades ago. The bottle shape was chosen as a tribute to the infamous crystal skulls.

So that the packaging matched the spiritual potential of the contents, naturally.

And just went you thought it couldn't get any stranger, Akroyd reveals the secret filtration process that makes his vodka the purest in the world. I won't reveal it here. The video just has to be seen for itself.

And in spite of the sheer ridiculousness of it all, I can't help myself. I really want a bottle of this vodka! Or thirteen. After all, as the website for Crystal Head Vodka notes:

Brought together, the Crystal Heads are said to contain vast knowledge and enlightenment capable of unlocking our most enigmatic ancient mysteries. Alone, each is believed to house radiant psychic energy, which has magical powers and healing properties.

Spirits indeed.

February 3rd, 2009

04:46 pm: I finally watched the David Letterman tribute to Bill Hicks from the other night.

Dave is pretty much a tool. But this was very big of him, to admit his pettiness 15 years prior.


I had to fight the urge to tear up listening to his mother.

The man's comdey was prophetic. From the war on terror to his commentary on our consumer culture, Bill Hicks was dead-on.

He is greatly missed.

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